Friday, November 9, 2012

Slow Cooker Ginger Ale Baked Apples Recipe

So, here we are the official launch of The Southern Slow Cooker cookbook's blog, and I though I'd start with a little teaser recipe and a video from my cooking segment with The Virginia Farm Bureau's Heart of the Home featuring a delightfully sweet and sassy slow cooker recipe using heirloom Virginia apples stuffed with nuts and raisins bathed in a zippy sauce made with ginger ale. This divine concoction is a true set and and forget it slow cooker recipe since it cooks all day long, and let me tell you, when you finally open the lid of your slow cooker, the aroma is to die for.

Southern folk love to cook with soda, and to be honest, I've got plenty of soda inspired recipes coming up in "The Southern Slow Cooker", from Dr. Pepper slow cooked ham to a barbecue sauce made with cola (and a little bourbon mixed in for good measure, naturally) that meets up with a crockpot full of pork short ribs. There's just something about that sugary fizz which not only tenderizes your food, but flavors it unlike anything else. Ah, the joys of corn syrup....

At any rate, here's the cooking segment, which walks you through making this perfect-for-chilly-weather dish. I suggest topping your apples with a big scoop of ice cream while they're still nice and hot so everything gets all melty. You just know that's going to be good. As far as a written recipe, you'll have to stay tuned for the release of "The Southern Slow Cooker" next July, but I think you'll get the idea just fine from the video.

Happy Slow Cooking!


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